How can alkaline water benefit our bones?

How can alkaline water benefit our bones? 

Did you know the human skeleton has 206 bones and makes up 18% of your body weight? 

The composition of bone and the skeletal structure is something that many of us can take for granted. We can forget that bone is a living tissue and that it requires just as much nurturing as our physical muscles and cognitive wellbeing. 

While there are numerous types of bone in our bodies, from compact bone to long bone, they do all share a common functionality. They produce red bone marrow at the ends (the epiphysis) which work to produce our stem cells, and yellow bone marrow in the long shaft (the diaphysis) which houses our fat cells. 

When looking at bone under a microscope, we’ll see that 65% of bone composition is made from calcium salts, primarily calcium phosphate, and that 35% is made from an organic matrix called osteoid, which is a composition of collagen fibres to keep our bones strong. Nurturing and keeping these components of our bones well-nourished is key, especially during our teenage years when bone growth is paramount and during our older years when bone can become more brittle.

When we think about the constant mechanical stress our bones are subject to on a daily basis, we may ask ourselves, ‘why do we not think about bone health more?’ 

Healthy bone requires an adequate amount of calcium and vitamins, including vitamin A, C and D as well as smaller amounts of manganese and phosphate all of which come from a healthy diet. However, in today’s world of processed and fast foods, it can be challenging to say no to sugary treats and instead reach for a healthy fruit snack or prioritise vegetables over pizza. 

When we consume these foods which are often devoid of any vitamins and minerals, our bodies experience acidosis, which is essentially high levels of acid. To find an internal balance, our bodies will then strip calcium and magnesium from the bones to counter these high acid levels*, ultimately lowering bone density. 

In time and as we get older, health conditions such as osteoporosis (where the bones are weakened and bone mass lost) can become more prevalent, so it’s vital to consider bone health alongside your current diet and lifestyle. 

By switching your water intake to purified and ionised alkaline water, you can work towards providing your body with the minerals it needs. Alkaline water assists in a lifestyle and diet change, helping to neutralise acidic content for better absorption and regulation. The composition of alk’s water content is calcium, magnesium and potassium all of which come together to assist in maintaining vital bone health and growth. 


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