Alkaline Water for Sports Recovery

alkaline water for sports recovery

Proper hydration is essential for maintaining health during physical activity. When we exercise we lose fluid through perspiration and breathing, and this water loss needs to be replenished for optimal performance and recovery. 

During exercise our bodies use two different forms of cell respiration to create energy known as ATP. These are called ‘aerobic respiration’ and ‘anaerobic respiration’ and their use is dependent on the type of activity undertaken. Aerobic respiration fuels endurance exercise, whereas anaerobic respiration is used for fast and intense activity. Think of a 100m sprint. During the first few seconds, our bodies use this anaerobic type of respiration by extracting the energy from glucose molecules when they are broken down. From one glucose molecule, we can make 2 ATP molecules to fuel our bodies. 

Due to the intense nature under which anaerobic respiration is used, muscles can fatigue quickly. As a result, a by-product is created which is often associated with muscle cramps. This is called lactic acid. Although the build up of lactic acid is inevitable, alkaline water can help to keep this buildup at bay. 

Alkaline water with a high pH can support the body before and during exercise. It does this by assisting in the balancing of blood pH levels and by counteracting the amount of acidity produced, helping to reduce the onset of muscle fatigue. We can also experience muscle cramping after exercise and alkaline water can help here too. It works by increasing oxygen intake and encouraging the muscles to return to their original state in a much quicker manner.

With a pH of 9.5, alk water contains calcium carbonate and potassium chloride to help support the body during exercise but also throughout daily lifestyle activity, whether going for a jog or a gentle walk around town. Alongside a healthy, wide and varied diet, alkaline water can assist in maintaining the health of bones and muscle during all types of exercise and activity. 

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